So, you want to do it yourself…

Articulate Build Consulting

for Custom Builds or Renovations

Standard, Sustainable and/or Off-Grid

A successful build or renovation starts with a good foundation, and I don’t mean the concrete; I’m talking about the “plan”, and no, not the papers that the builder works from either.

Proper planning/design is key, however that requires a serious look into you/your family/partner/etc. Discovery of your budget, lifestyle, location, wants, needs, safety, security, entertainment, growth, comfort and preparation for the future are paramount in a successful build or renovation. Proper profiling could bring that information to light, but very few builders, designers or architects possess the multi-faceted experience and capability as ABC to do so.

Most are good at what they do, “build”, “conceptualize” or “design”, but that’s where it ends. A great many only want to get their name on the project and get paid. Few truly care about the CLIENT’s wants or needs or know of the appropriate people and materials required to get the job done, let alone harmoniously blending those elements together.

That’s the job of the Build Consultant, and that’s where ABC excels!


When our clients ask;

How/where do I/we find the right architect, designer and/or builder for my/our project?

Can I/we be my/our own general contractor or constructor?

What kind of insurance(a) will be required?

What permits will be required?

How do I/we go about doing it myself/ourselves?

Where would be the best location for the project?

How big/small should it be?

What are the latest/best technologies required for my/our needs?

Where does one procure such things?

What do they cost?

What are the bylaws/building codes involved (if any)?

How do I /we get the plumber to work with the electrician?

Is it possible to control the security or HVAC or irrigation systems remotely?

What is the appropriate/best/least expensive; light, thermostat, refrigerator, solar setup, speaker, lock, paint, window, security system, sink, filter, network, pipe, etc. for this particular location/environment?

How long should the project take?

How can I/we stay on budget?

How can I/we avoid stressing-out over decisions and keep my/our health/relationships/sanity?

Why do these types of projects often fail or cause such strife and woe?

ABC has the answers to these questions and many, many more.


Using our vast multi-industry experience to comprehensively profile our clients allows us to determine a project’s ergonomics in order to correctly assist/guide on every aspect of a Build or Renovation.

The best thing that you can do in life is invest in yourself, and investing in ABC  is doing exactly that!

We want you to be assured, comfortable, safe, satisfied and happy  during and after your project has been completed.

fulfilling and successful experience (rather than a bleak alternative) is achieved by combining your imagination with the knowledge and experience of ABC. Our expertise and service will gain you positive insight, faith, happiness and gratitude for years to come.

Don’t let what should be a fantastic life experience turn into a nightmare by allowing your inexperience, lack of pertinent knowledge (and possibly incorrect mindset) lead you down a dark path.

Let the professionals at ABC  be your brilliant, guiding light. We have the Foundation, for YOUR Imagination.

See why…