Articulate Build Consulting

for Building & Renovation

Local, Tropical and/or Off-Grid


Our mission: “Aiding new or established Homeowners with strategic
profiling and planning to avoid the pitfalls, woes and unforeseen
expenses that occur in over 60% of building/renovation projects.”


For those adventurous enough to attempt building or renovating on their own; The process of design, deluge of decisions, avalanche of tasks and flood of invoices can be dramatically life-changing.

Many hundreds of thousands attempt it every day, a huge percentage don’t succeed. Of those who do, a great deal encounter dire consequencesRelationships, marriages and families have been torn apart, peoples’ dreams shattered, and nights filled with anxious sleeplessness. Some have succumbed to heavy financial burdens, even bankruptcies. Others have been hospitalized or even lost their lives or worse, all of the above.


Anything done right must have a solid beginning, a good foundation. One must learn the ABCs and the language before one can spell a word or a sentence, let alone write a book.

The same can be said for building and renovation. One must fully understand the user and the use, before one can begin to construct.

At ABC, we utilize our 32+ years of industry experience to extensively profile our client(s) in order to determine and define every home’s use and ergonomics (location, size, shape, color, lighting, comfort, sound, entertainment, temperature, atmosphere, security, etc). Our wish is that YOU feel at home, safe, comfortable and happyduring and after the project has been completed.

Very few architects, builders, contractors or designers possess the knowledge in as many fields of building/renovation that we at ABC possess. We know what makes a house a home. We also know the process, people, products, technologies/innovations, AND the correct implementation of every aspect for a more than satisfactory completion. The combination is key to an exciting and fulfilling experience, instead of the alternative.

Don’t let what should be a great experience turn into a nightmare by going it alone, let the professionals at ABC “have your back”.



We have the Foundation, for YOUR Imagination.



We have ANSWERS.