How to Build in the Tropics – Or Anywhere else

Articulate Build Consulting

for Custom Builds or Renovations

Standard, Sustainable and/or Off-Grid

WELCOME TO ABC, we think you’ll love what you discover here!

You’ve most likely come because you’re preparing to build a brand new custom home, renovate an existing home or are moving to a tropical location and doing one of the above down there.


Have you planned it all out in your head? Do you have anything on paper?

Any drawings or plans? Perhaps on some 3D architectural or CAD software ?

How many rooms will it have? Have you thought about light or plumbing fixtures? Did you discuss the wine cellar? How about the smart home system? Will the garage fit all your vehicles? What location have you chosen? Hardwood, bamboo, laminate, polished cement, tile, or carpet? How about a pool, hot tub, maybe a sauna? What about sustainability?

Did that seem like a lot of questions? That’s not even the tip of the iceberg, the landslide is on it’s way, but the really important question follows.

“What’s important to me?” should be the first thought in mind when embarking on such a journey, as it sets intent. That means that any and all planning will be about what is important to you (and your partner/family/friends etc. if they so apply).

What’s important is different for each of us, and then there are generally many societal and cultural norms to consider, without mention of governmental/local requirements, interactions, and fees etc. to deal with.

If you’re here, you likely fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Have a large budget, discerning tastes and desire more than what the average builder can deliver
  • Care about personal well being, relationships and loved ones
  • Know the importance of HOME and about the shelter, comfort, security, entertainment, rest and relaxation it should offer at the very least
  • Would love to “Do It Yourself” but know very little about construction, and you’re seeking a mentor or advisor
  • Have the budget, the drive and access to tools, but lack the skills to use them
  • Possess fantastic ideas and a fair budget, but would prefer to maximize value by hiring professionals to remove any “UN-foreseens” from the equation or the possibility of missing out on possible options or upgrades that one could directly benefit from
  • Don’t know the first thing about moving to Belize and would appreciate assistance
  • Lead busy lives and would prefer only to collaborate on the project from a desk and pay someone else to make the smaller decisions and complete the project
  • Are retiring/seeking to build abroad and require assistance

Perhaps it’s a combination of one or more of the above??

Whichever it is, why would you have your home designed, built or renovated by someone who doesn’t know anything about what’s important to you/your family??

Unfortunately, many people allow their builder to control the design, select the crew and materials/products used, and most end up unsatisfied (at the very LEAST), others have suffered entire loss or serious health issues.

Anything beneficial to one’s well being is very important in ones home, equally, things not beneficial should be removed (or never there to begin with). Reading/understanding people and knowing their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits are paramount in creating harmonious and ergonomic homes. That said, one must be aware of the various products, materials and services available, and how one can possibly benefit from them and how they can be incorporated into one’s dwelling.

At ABC, we have:

  • a system to analyze people for precise determination of dwelling requirements
  • the skills and knowledge to combine the results with available technology and years of building and renovation experience
  • and the ability to take that combination and maximize its value, eliminate stress, and be successful in creating wonderful, lasting homes that better our lives


That said,

Whatever it is that you don’t know about these subjects, ABC does.

As a matter of fact, we know SO much about it that we created this service specifically to assist you and people like you. As people who love helping others and who have been in the build/renovate business so long, we’ve seen far too many ill-fated projects, devastation they have caused  and the lives they have affected.

We care about you, your family, your relationships, your health, and your budget.

We have a commitment to YOUR satisfaction.

A home isn’t just 4 walls, a roof, a ceiling and floor; it’s much, Much, MUCH more.

Its location is just as important as its size, who will live in it and how.

Architectural design, construction and options are all VERY individual. Homes should not be alike because people/families are not alike.

Why live eco-friendly/frugal if you have money to burn?

Why burn money and pollute when you can build green and sustainable?

Why give your hard-earned money and time to someone who doesn’t truly care about the end product, or more importantly, YOU? It’s ALL about YOU.

The average builder has only a few different models, a few different finishes and builds in a few neighborhoods around town. Another builder will have a completely different set of designs with entirely different options, in other parts of town, and so on. They really don’t leave you room for creative license or intervention.

If none have the location, style, colors, textures, materials, or any other various options you may want, what would you do?

If you were like everyone else, you’d caved and purchase a “cookie cutter” home from a big builder with numerous (sometimes poorly managed) crews (who’s credentials are often questionable at best) and your house would look just like every other house on some street in Cramped Ville that looks just like every other standardized, blah house in another town.

Since you’re not like everyone else, you’re here to learn about ABC, then hire them to aid in manifesting your wonderful CUSTOM Home.

Anything done right begins with a solid foundation.
One must learn their ABC’s before being able to spell a word or construct a sentence, let alone write a book. The same can be said about Construction. One must fully understand user and use, and be capable of seeing/thinking in absolute detail if they want gratifying, successful results.
Our Cognitive Dwelling Assessment System (CDAS) results combined with our multi-discipline building and renovation industry experience to allow us to plan a project’s utilization and ergonomics  so that we may properly assist and/or guide you to creating a home you’ll be in love with forever.
We strive to keep you feeling assured, comfortable, safe and happy – from outset to completion and beyond, no matter the project size.
Our incredibly vast knowledge base and list of collaborators in the fields of Architecture, Design, Construction, Decoration, Entertainment, Lighting and Security (to name just a few) afford ABC’s clientele a service second to none in Building and Renovation Consulting.
We know what makes a house a home, and a home a castle.
The right combination of process, people, products, technologies/innovations and correct implementation of them as a group is a must for a successful, fulfilling and exciting end result. Our expertise and guidance will gain you positive insight, faith, happiness and gratitude for years to come.
Don’t let what should be a fantastic life experience turn into a nightmare by allowing your inexperience (and possibly incorrect mindset) to lead you down a dark path. Let the professionals at Articulate Build Consulting be your brilliant, guiding light.
We have the Foundation, for YOUR Imagination.

Whether doing it all yourself, overseeing the sub-trades, or just paying others for everything – we can help.

Questions often asked by our clients;

How/where do I/we find the right architect, designer and/or builder for my/our project?

Can I/we be my/our own general contractor or constructor?

What kind of insurance(s) will be required? What permit(s) will be required?

How do I/we go about doing it myself/ourselves?

What are the latest/best technologies/products required for my/our needs?

Where can one find/procure such things?

What do they cost?

What are the bylaws/building codes involved?

How do I /we get the plumber to work with the electrician?

Is it possible to control the ________ systems remotely?

What is the appropriate/best/most cost effective; ________ for this particular location/environment/use?

How long should the project take? How much will it cost? How can I/we stay on budget?

How can I/we avoid the stress involved?

How do I/we find/use the various tools of the trade and avoid harm when using them?

Why do these types of projects often fail or cause such pain and/or grief? Why doesn’t everyone “do it themselves”?

ABC has the answers to these and many, many more.
The best thing that you can do in life is invest in yourself, and collaborating with ABC  is doing exactly that!