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WITHOUT ABCyour project can (and quite possibly will, statistically)

  • Take LONGER than expected
  • Cost MORE than budgeted
  • BREAK up your family
  • RUIN a relationship
  • CAUSE health issues
  • NOT meet expectations


*75% of “out of country” builds went 55% (a few 100+%) over budget!

*10% of those builds failed altogether due to finances

*50% of custom builds/renovations cause relationship stress

*2 out of 50 have ended relationships/broke-up families

*15 of 50 caused health issues (mental/physical)

(None of those we surveyed had fatalities, but if you check the online stats, there are far too many who have succumbed to falls, tool/equipment related injuries, Asbestos and other related health issues, to name but a few. Don’t just take our word for it, “Google it” or check out the Links at the bottom of the page).

**40% of Canadians who only remodeled went over budget (imagine a custom house!)

We’ve been in the building and renovation industry for many years, as a result have worked with thousands of individuals/couples/families and can say that we have seen for ourselves (or have direct information about) arguments, fights, break-ups, breakdowns, failures and deaths. Your project shouldn’t add to the stats.

In general, If you have done:

0 – 5 builds/renos, you are a novice (probably a DIY’er?)

6 – 25 you are an intermediate (hobbyist/apprentice/start-up business)

26-75 you are a professional

75-100 you are a master

Over 100 and you can be a consultant.


If you are in the 0-5 range, we want to help you enjoy the experience and have positive results. We want you in the statistics that PROVE without a doubt that hiring a Build Consultant IS the “right thing to do”.

A well known standard practice in any Build/Reno is to “pad” your budget, to add (at minimum) an extra 10, 15 or even 20% to the overall for unforeseen (omissions, wrong assumptions, inadequate allowances, price changes, novel materials/techniques).  Working with ABC will save you (at the very least) 15%, AND make certain your project is successful.

Not to be taken lightly, for those adventurous enough to attempt a custom build or renovation on their own; the process of design, deluge of decisions, avalanche of tasks and flood of invoices can be dramatically life-changing.

Many hundreds of thousands the world over attempt it every day and a huge percentage don’t/won’t succeed. Of those who do, a great deal encounter dire consequences; relationships ruined, marriages/families torn apart, dreams shattered, and sleepless nights filled with anxiety. Some have succumbed to heavy financial burden, even bankruptcy, others hospitalized, lost their lives or worse, a combination of the above.

Peter Pearson of  The Couples Institute says, “Tackling any major undertaking as a couple brings up dilemmas that are blind to geographic location, ethnicity and culture”. “It’s just proof of the universality of the emotional brain,” he says. What gets involved in all these discussions — that’s universal human nature regardless of where you grow up.”

On almost any given build or renovation, there are at least a dozen of the following white/blue collar workers involved; architects, designers, builders, foundation workers, framers, electricians, plumbers, dry-wall techs and compound applicators, insulators, painters, carpenters, carpet layers, hardwood flooring installers, masons, tilers, HVAC techs, roofers, home-automation techs, audio/visual engineers, security/fire techs, decorators, stair design/install, the list goes on, and on, and on

If you hire a contractor/builder don’t leave your entire project up to them, inform yourself and/or hire a consultant.
At ABC we profile our clients in detail to determine their wants and needs and assess the appropriate members for the project (if required). We then choose or direct you (so that you may choose) those best suited to your particular needs. We have the knowledgeexperience and ability to dissect each and every aspect of a given project, and determine which/if/when other sources should be involved, saving you energy, time, money, stress (or possible failure). Remember, your project may be necessary, but grief is not.
Certainly you, or someone you know, has built or renovated a home and has spoken at length of the woes? If not, click on any of the Links near the bottom of the page for some enlightening  information.

Some prefer assistance, while others are prepared to outsource to make it happen for them. We support both.
When it comes to design and build/renovate, there can be literally hundreds of elements to consider (aside from budget/financing): The building itself (style, design/layout, size, usage), geographic location (site, climate, terrain, accessibility), builders/contractors (knowledge/capabilities with regard to your individual project), building materials (and access to them), technologies, etc, not to mention the thousands of decisions to be made.

Do you even know what style of architecture is your preference?

Here are a few: American, Victorian, Georgian, Greek Revival, Ranch Style, Federal, Neo-Classical, American Colonial, Vernacular, Tudor, Timber, Mid-century Modern, Beaux-Arts, Minimalist, Contemporary… the list again goes on and on and on.

Having eyes for detail, minds for perfection and hearts for comfort, we have witnessed many disturbing things with regard to building and renovation. Although there are great people in the industry, there is an obscene amount of hacks, poor builders and poorly managed projects with little or no foresight or oversight.

At ABC we make certain that every client is equipped with the pertinent information/people/products/innovations required for utmost satisfaction and minimum grief/aggravation.

Off-Grid/Sustainable builds, renos/conversions demand even more knowledge and consideration because they deal with new and old technologies and often hybrids of both. It’s not all about high tech or big $$, it’s about what’s right for the individual and the planet.

Before embarking on what might possibly be the largest journey of your life, spending hours upon hours of your time (and money) with  architects/designers/builders, make an appointment with ABC. Discover what is truly right for you/your loved ones, it will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Investing in experienced savvy professionals who live and breathe Build Consulting is far less costly than a failed project, lost time, spoiled materials, health issues, torn relationships or loss of life.

Forget the project and the money, can you place a dollar value on your time, relationships, family, health, or life?

Ever thought about how any of the above can affect your ability to work, earn an income, or even spend it?

No matter what, during your lifetime you will be educated. It always costs, but it doesn’t always have to be the hard way.

ABC is your assurance and piece of mind, investing in us will save you.

 Our mission: “Aiding current/future Homeowners, Contractors and Builders through strategic profiling, education and guidance to have consistently successful projects and avoid the setbacks that destroy relationships, health and investments.”

Whether building, renovating/converting, Articulate Build Consulting is the solid foundation you NEED.

We know the process.

We know the people.

We know the products/materials.

We know the technology.

We know what has been missed or gone wrong in the past.

We know that with our assistance your project(s) will always be successful.

Contact ABC now!



Education + Guidance + Investment = Success

We offer a money back Guarantee!!***


Our Founder, how it all started…

Even though you may be doing it yourself, hiring others is often necessary, so we have included a few links on issues/topics you may encounter if doing so on your project.


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*Based on our survey of 50 homeowners from North America and South America, Trinidad and Tobago and a few from the EU. Statistic numbers have been rounded-up.

**Based on the 2013 Houzz & Home Survey of over 100,000 Canadians

***If your project goes over the pre-discussed/agreed upon budget by 15% or more.